Historical Adventure in Springfield, Illinois

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”
-Abraham Lincoln

If you watched the historical epic flick, Lincoln wherein Daniel Day-Lewis starred as United States President Abraham Lincoln so this blog post is dedicated to you.

It was in 2012 when the movie was shown in theaters. We were rewarded to watched this epic drama after our office and though it was not the usual type of storyline which was more of a conversation type movie - you'll get bored.

But not me - his life becomes an inspiration to everybody. All of his words were meaningful. Ika nga, "hugot" quotes.


Springfield, Illinois - whenever the Amtrak stopped to this station. My neck expanded like a giraffe because I am seeing the Capitol. Having a great interest in History, I am so passionate that one day I will visit this place and spend a day in Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

If you're looking for some Civil war materials, manuscripts, newspapers and any other supporting documents about Lincoln - The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library is the perfect place to visit while across the street is the Presidential Museum, a modernized display of Lincoln's history.

I purchased the all day access so that we can re-enter the museum. But we decided to spend the rest of the day in the Museum since we arrived in late afternoon. We don't have much time to explore outside the downtown Springfield. I guess I should book a two day stay instead. [Sigh]

Some highlights were taken from the official tourism website of Springfield. Full credits will be given to http://www.visitspringfieldillinois.com/

At the center of the museum, Lincoln family welcomes you!


Good thing that someone ushered us and fed our brains about Lincoln history.
She told us to fist visit the "log cabin" where Abraham was raised and despite of being unfortunate, He managed to read books and study.

A high tech feature exhibits like Wax figures and replica infrastructure were also one of the best highlight of this museum.

Two theaters amazed us. The Ghost theater which is a 3D hologram movie and other theater with complete special effects describing the political life of Lincoln.

In addition to that, if you're bringing kids with you there is a Mrs Lincoln's attic where kids can play and a lot of old house stuff (replicas) to play with like bricks, old kitchen wares, and as well as period clothes.

[gallery ids="10144,10145,10146,10147,10148,10149,10150,10151,10152,10153,10154,10155,10156,10157,10158"]

Before you leave the museum, make sure you stop by at the souvenir shop. There were a lot of interesting pieces inside the store and I can't wait to share it to you.

I won't be able to write a blow-by-blow account of what's inside and what's not. But these photos I shared described it all. We don't have much time to explore other historical places like his tomb, old house, etc but walking around the downtown we had seen so many beautiful structures in Capitol.

[gallery ids="10160,10161,10162,10163,10164,10165"]

We also noticed that the business establishments around the area where run by locals. Which is very uplifting to the local economy and promoting to patronized local produced products and services.

[gallery ids="10166,10167,10168,10169,10170,10171"]

I also recommend State House Inn as your "historical" overnight home. The location of the hotel is perfect across the Capitol, a few minutes walk to the Amtrak and Museum. Plus, the hotel offers free awesome breakfast! I will definitely go back to this place and will explore another history adventure part 2 in Springfield.



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