Tips in Attending Trade Shows for Bloggers

Have you receive an invite asking you to attend their Trade Shows? Thinking of how you are going to create a blog post? How does the event relevant to your blog?

With these questions and counting. We sometimes neglect this kind of events because we didn't know how are we able to cover it.

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Usually Trade Shows run more than three days. Once you have receive an invitation, check your schedule and ask the organizer what are the highlights of the event like Key Speakers or new product launching. RSVP as soon as you can and set an available time wherein you can meet the organizer face-to-face to establish a good relationship.

Exhibit Venue
Research for the venue. Make sure you have gather all relevant information especially when you're commuting. Check the traffic route and make sure you'll able to make it on time.

List down questions
Prepare your questions before going to the venue. Don't ignore the attendees or sales associates. This is your chance to interview them and ask questions regarding the event and what are their expectations.

Event #Hashtag
It is important to ask if they are using a #hashtag on the event. Start posting to your wall and make sure your post is viewable in public. Retweet or re-share the organizer's post as much as possible.

Score Product Reviews
If there are products given away. You may start reviewing and post them on your blog.

Your weapons to the battlefield
Always bring your gadgets. Digital Cameras, video recording, pen and notebook. Ask for a media pass for you to be able to 'cover' everything. Ask for your limitations as well. Ask the exhibitors permission first if you are allowed to take photos of their booth.

Ask the attendees politely if it is okay for them to publish their names on your blog or if they will allow you to upload their photos on Social Media. Respect their privacy as well.

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Award winning pitch
There are times that event like this lack online media presence. This is your chance to take the opportunity to offer your services as a blogger and to become one of their social media enthusiasts.

So there you go, the next time you receive a trade show invitation --- don't ignore. It might become one of your greatest opportunity.


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