Who is Kid Kulafu?

I rarely watch Filipino flick because sometimes the storyline is too cheap and weak. I'm tired of watching Rom-Com unless it is a Piolo or John Lloyd flick :) LOL

With less than seven days, we are looking forward for the battle of the Century - the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight on May 2.

[caption id="attachment_10176" align="aligncenter" width="360"]Kid Kulafu is showing in Pickwick Theater, Park Ridge, IL Kid Kulafu is showing in Pickwick Theater, Park Ridge, IL[/caption]

Buboy Villar as the young Manny or better known as "Kid Kulafu" is a biopic focuses the life of Manny, 15 years ago.

A flick by Paul Soriano, Kid Kulafu was Pacquiao's nickname when he started fighting in the ring. The name actually sounds familiar as this is a famous label of wine and where He worked to collect bottles in exchange for money.

Alessandra de Rossi is the young Dionisia, a strict God-fearing mother who did not approve Manny to learn boxing and Cesar Montano, a very supportive Uncle and gave Manny a chance to learn boxing but later on Manny went on his own and pursues his dream as a boxer.

The storyline is simple. How Manny was raised a kid. An ordinary kid who wishes to have everything in life despite of being unfortunate, the young Manny is cheerful and adventurous.

Two of my favorite scenes where Manny watched the Bruce Lee flick and when his Mother Dionisia said, "Gusto mo ng boxing"...that's was funny but in reality, Dionisia is just being protective. Until now, She wishes Manny to quit boxing.

Being bullied as a kid, Manny continues to fight and his courage brought him success.

You will also witness how Manny values people close to his heart. His rough times made him a stronger person and dedicated all his fights to his countrymen.

Kid Kulafu is now showing in Philippine cinemas and also in United States and Canada.

This flick is highly recommended to all aspiring people who continues to fight despite of life struggles.


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