Summer in Chicago Part 2 - Jurassic World The Exhibition in FieldMuseum, Chicago, IL

I have won (1) complimentary ticket to see Jurassic World The Exhibition at the West Gate of Field Museum. I am very excited to see the big animatronic dinosaurs and experience the prehistoric world inside the tent exhibition.

The entrance was we're supposedly traveling on a boat crossing the island Nublar wherein the Jurassic World exhibit was located. We were welcomed by a park ranger and the huge door (like in the movie!) opened and our adventure started on getting up close and personal to prehistoric dinosaurs that really roars so loud and recreating a petting zoo for those who would like to touch them.

Our favorites Velociraptor and Indominus Rex were enormous and these two creatures were too scary when they started to roar! We were warned to stay calm and safe because these two are being out of containment! It's more like a mini action scenes and you'll be surprised!

The exhibit has state of the art effects and TV monitors narrated by the park ranger guiding you everywhere you go. There is also a design your own dinosaur touch screen monitor and send the digital image of your creation to your inbox. At the end of the exhibit hall is the activity and learning area where you can try extracting the bones and rediscover some parts of the dinosaurs.

I feel like a child again exploring the dinosaurs and one of the best animatronics I've ever seen!

Did you know that the Field Museum has an impressive collection of dinosaur fossils? I went there last year and I was overwhelmed seeing them! The Field Museum also has the best preserved and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex and they called it, Sue.

Field Museum - 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605-2496
The exhibit runs from May 26, 2017-Jan. 7, 2018
Tickets: $10 for children and $15 for adults for daytime entry in addition to general museum admission; $20 for children and $25 for adults for evening entry.

I took a video using my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and uploaded to my  YouTube Channel.  The first part was when we dine at Nutella Cafe and followed by the Jurassic World exhibtion. You'll see the dinosaurs up close!!! don't blink and don't run.....

Enjoy watching!!!!


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