18th TOYCON PH – Where Asia Comes to Play! Event Coverage by Andrea

ToyConPH has been around since 2001, and for me and my friends, it has become an annual thing to go to at least once in its 3-day affair. Toy collectors and enthusiasts alike would agree, if there's one thing that makes ToyConPH the way it is, is that ToyCon PH stays true to what it stood for when it began. It started as a toys, comics and pop culture convention, and guess what it has become now? The very same.

Staying true to itself gave it the strength to stay standing still despite the numerous attempts by others to take it down. While there are others that try to create drama, ToyConPH has probably learned to just shake it off, or it has just been that sturdy an institution that it didn't make a dent at all to its spirit.

I bet my friends would agree, ToyConPH is one of those things that brings us together, a reason for us to see each other despite our busy schedules. For us it is one of those good things in life we are lucky to have.


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