Marvel Universe Live

Super heroes and fans Assemble! This live action-packed innovative battle has been so successful!
I saw the commercial on TV and I immediately purchased our tickets. It was held at All State Arena in Rosemont, IL so it's an easy commute on a summer day of September 2015.

Featuring your favorite Marvel superheroes from Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and their best villains battle on stage! I love the entire show and Loki's charisma never fails the audience! The set has the best cutting-edge technology special effects, aerial stunts and video projection. This event is for all ages. I enjoyed the entire show especially watching the amazing stunts and storyline. I even lined up for souvenirs just to buy the special tumbler that glows! I hope there will be another show (another storyline) so that I can watch it again.

Souvenirs on sale

My glowing tumbler!

I captured some clips during the show and I hope you enjoy watching.


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