Mold-A-Rama: An instant toy vending machine

I visited the Field Museum in Chicago and I encountered this mold-a-rama machine. To my curiosity, I inserted my money (forgot if it's $3 or $5), selected the toy I wanted and then the machine started working. This molding process took only a minute, the two aluminum plates holds the melted plastic and then cooled and hardened. The best part of this is you'll able to take this home right away after it's created. I love to collect plastic dinosaur toys!

Mold-a-Rama company was established in 1960s in Chicago and it's one of the best souvenir I've ever had during my visit to the museum.

The machines have different toy features during your museum or zoo visit. So you better check out if they have special designs. Also, another tip is to look around the surroundings. There maybe a lot of interesting toy machine souvenirs (aside from coins, pins, magnets).

Here's the official website and the list of toys:


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