08-09-09 Metro Comic Con 2009

08-09-09 Metro Comic Con 2009

Megatrade Hall 1 and 2, AUgust 8 and 9, 2009

My comments
I went on the 2nd day/last day of the event. The venue is much more like of the TOYCON
(the most famous toy-hobby-etc convention, why etc? they have everything! hahaha)

Upon entering the venue saw the stage on the right side and Nexxus band is performing. Then I took several shots of the exhibits including the booths and stroll around freely --- not much people when i went, i don't know maybe because am a little bit late? not that sure because it's 6pm and I don't think that its a good excuse... Cosplayers scattered outside, whats new? and few booths were there selling toys. I saw the comics booth area far from the side.

I don't know what happened on day 1, but rest assured

--- the event (which am present) was boring.

It's my OPINION.
and who cares?


I better went to Greenbelt for Ron English's live painting session and autograph signing.


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