Let's have some fun - Lady Gaga Live in Manila

image source: Magic 89.9 Facebook

The lady behind the song Paparazzi and Pokerface, yes, she performed last night -- That's LADY GAGA.

Oh, how i love her music. Not to mention, I love her style. Yesterday's performance was a blast. I was so excited seeing her onstage. The opening song, Paparazzi was my most favorite. Why? Because I love the lyrics:

Am your biggest fan
I'll follow you until you love me


The ambiance of Araneta Coliseum was so bright, lively and cheerful. All fans were screaming and singing some of her songs. Lady Gaga even said she love the Filipinos. She also revealed that her best friend is a Filipino. They've been friends since she was 4 (thats according to TV patrol).

The show was too short. Yet, all of us enjoyed each time she performed. Her piano version of Pokerface was the BEST. Well applauded and as well as her witty dialogues.

She thanked all Filipinos who watched her concert on her Twitter.

She's now in Singapore.

Now, here are some of the photos taken inside the venue.

Credits to my brother, Azrael.

few minutes before the concert proper. Pedicab front-acted.


TV Patrol Coverage - August 12, 2009 - She said she's COMING BACK .... yeah!


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