American burger chain opens flagship store in Eastwood Mall:


Get ready for a dining experience that’s simply out of this world!
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Johnny Rockets, the popular international restaurant chain, blasts off this September as it opens its very first outlet in the Philippines. Conveniently located at the Ground Floor of Eastwood Mall Veranda, the flagship store – also its very first in Asia – is poised to establish a firm foothold in Manila’s bustling food market with its original, classic burgers and all-American menu.

Don’t let the name deceive you. There’s nothing space-age here, not even a microwave oven. On the contrary, entering a Johnny Rockets outlet is pretty much like travelling back in time – to the glory days of the quaint, cozy American diners of the ‘50s and 60’s.

Back then, the jukebox was king, and teeners took to the floor to do the jerk, the twistand the boogie-woogie to the infectious strains of American Bandstand. It was an era where Art Deco elements such as bright neon lights, gleaming chrome, soda fountains, red bar stools, checkered tile floors and crisp, snappy white uniforms were also a common sight. Johnny Rockets rekindles all these nostalgic memories of the good old days by making such timeless mementos a staple in each and every outlet.

With such a classic, feel-good Americana ambience, all you need to do is sink your teeth into a thick, juicy Johnny Rockets burger while nibbling on crisp, golden fries and sipping a thick, chocolate milkshake. It’s ‘Happy Days’ all over again!

By now, diehard Pinoy burger lovers must have had their appetites whetted with the good news, and wondering: “Does the new brand’s ‘Rocket science’ really live up to the hype?”

Definitely yes, because Filipinos love to eat, and for sure, there’s always room for a better burger anywhere, anytime! What makes the Johnny Rockets formula tick is its commitment to keeping things simple and basic, with the element of fun and excitement in serving real authentic American mouth-watering burgers and other scrumptious dishes.

Johnny Rockets established its very first store in Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California on June 6, 1986, and to date has opened more than 300 outlets across the globe, including key cities in the US, Canada, Middle East, Australia, Mexico, Europe and South America. Since its inception, the chain has lived up to its credo that says: ‘Nobody does hamburgers like Johnny Rockets.’ Made for the connoisseur, their burgers are packed with all- natural ingredients and Johnny Rockets’ ‘secret seasoning,’ and uses an innovative cooking technique that seals in juices and flavor.

Aside from its unique line of specialty hand-pressed hamburgers, fries, shakes and malts, Johnny Rockets also boasts of a wide assortment of entrees including sandwiches, salads,starters, sliders, desserts and chicken dishes.

Happy days are here again – a rocketful of sumptuous food that makes you scream “Johnny Be Good!!!”.


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