Last time around, Colbie Caillat was feeling "Bubbly,"
and the entire pop world seemed to want a sip. But this time, effervescence flirts with explosiveness. For her sophomore album, Breakthrough, Colbie has shaken up her sound, bringing in a wider array of producers and players, and significantly picking up the tempo at times from her debut effort's signature ballads. So keep an eye on those carbonation levels: champagne corks may fly.

The making of Breakthrough was far more purposeful than the ramshackle sessions that became Caillat's first album. "We tried different versions of a lot of the songs-some raw and acoustic; some with lots of harmonies and others with 20 more instruments than needed to be there-just to see which version sounded best. We ended up having a lot of variety." But for all this diversification, there's at least one carry-over and constant: the front-and-center intimacy of Caillat's vocals, which fans already relate to coming through their ear buds like the voice of a warm and trusted friend.

Caillat expanded her circle of co-writers as well as producers, sitting down to work with hitcrafter-turned-Idolmaker Kara DioGuardia (who helped write three tracks, including "Begin Again") and Rick Nowels, who says, "I've worked with some really good writers-Madonna, Dido, Nelly Furtado, Jewel-and I'm just really impressed with Colbie's songwriting. She's got her own voice and lyrical and melodic point of view; she's what I call a natural. And she's a proper singer-songwriter, which is a breath of fresh air today. I think everybody responds to strong songs sung emotionally, and everybody responds to real."

At the crest of the album’s coaster, the first single, "Falling for You," is described as wearing its heart on its sleeve, if the tune's upbeat feel didn't conjure a kind of summer sleevelessness. "I had gone out on this 'friends' date, and I realized I started liking him more than I thought I did," Caillat explains. "I was on cloud nine over this guy, thinking I was falling for him, so I wrote about everything we did hanging out the day before." Think "Bubbly" squared and gone to the beach.

That's something Caillat clearly hasn't forgotten with this bigger, better, and even more intimate album. Finding out that increased amplitude and heightened transparency aren't mutually exclusive after all-that's the stuff that true bust outs are made of.

The new album of Colbie Caillat, Breakthrough is available in all Odyssey, Astrovision and Music One stores. Her songs are also available for download for your cellphone via WAP.

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