Big talent came in a small package during the grand finals of the Mariah Carey-oke Grand Finals that was held at SM Megamall Event Center last October 29, 2009 where twenty contestants from all across the country battled it off by singing to the tune of the new single of Mariah Carey, I Want to Know What Love Is.

The contest started last October 2, 2009 where participating Odyssey and Astrovision stores became the venue for the videoke singing showdown headed by The Only Videoke that supports WOW Philippines, WOW Videoke. The participants who scored 95 points and above got the chance to become one of the finalists via a raffle draw that was done before the big night of the finals.

The roster of finalists consisted of contestants with very diverse age, backgrounds and gender. From eight year olds to those in their thirties, amateurs to contest dwellers as well as hardcore Mariah Carey fans who just wanted to have some fun. Yet, despite each of the contestants’ unique characteristics that made them shine among the others, nine year old Jennifer Murillo who sang both in Astrovision Greenhills and Odyssey Megamall stood out with her very dynamic rendition of Mariah’s hit that included a high hitting whistle to cap off her spectacular performance.

Jennifer Murillo went home with cash, a WOW Videoke Mariah Carey edition, a full scholarship for all the courses of Voice Power, a life size standee of Mariah Carey and signed Memoirs of an imperfect Angel album. All the contestants also got cash and special gift packs from MCA Music Inc. and Voice Power.

Even before the happenings started, anticipation started to build and people piled up at the venue with the playback of Mariah Carey’s Concert DVD and rotation of her latest music video, Obsessed. The videos were shown using two 42-inch High Definition LCD’s provided by Devant and DVD players provided by Next Base.

To add to the festivities, MCA Music Inc.’s Heart of R&B, Kris Lawrence also gave a spectacular number featuring his hit single, “Careless Whisper” from his new album Moments of Love. The night also became a special meet and greet for the official fan club of Mariah Carey in the Philippines, housed at the high traffic website, headed by Kenneth Del Rosario. The fan club’s resident band known as Pure Vibe Acoustic also performed their favorite Mariah songs that night. They also had the chance to take home Mariah Carey goodies like a Touch My Body vinyl, a life size standee of Mariah Carey and a signed Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel album that was signed by the diva herself during her media junket in Korea.

The Mariah Carey-oke Grand Finals was made possible by the only videoke that supports WOW Philippines, Wow Videoke, Odyssey, Astrovision, SM Megamall, Voicepower, Devant, Next Base and MCA Music Inc.

The new album of Mariah Carey, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel featuring the songs, Obsessed, I Wanna Know What Love Is and the new single of Mariah Carey, H.A.T.E.U. (Having a Typical Emotional Upset) is now available in Deluxe edition and Special Philippines Edition at your favorite record bars. Her songs are also available on mobile by just texting MARIAH to 2346.

Mariah Carey’s new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

is exclusively brought to you by MCA Music Inc.

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