After their record breaking album launch stormed by a massive crowd; after scoring the most number of chatters in the MYX online chat; after rapidly soaring to the number 1 spot with their single “Diamond Shotgun” in the TV and Radio Charts, CHICOSCI remains strong as they unleash their latest offering FLY BLACK HEARTS under MCA Music! With a new rocking sound, an unbeatable vigor, and impenetrable force, this band has most definitely brought in the most explosive album to date!

This is just the beginning of great things! CHICOSCI is out to give you more as they invite you to party with them and celebrate their success!

MARK THE DATE: NOVEMBER 6, Friday, 8 pm, Eastwood Central Plaza. This will be the hottest and most rocking event this year as CHICOSCI holds the BLACK HEARTS PARTY! Want more? The BAND will be giving away their PERSONAL stuff! Head on to major Odyssey Music and Video outlets, purchase a copy of FLY BLACK HEARTS and fill out the raffle stub which entitles you to get a hold of Chicosci’s personal items. Drop this off during the “Black Hearts Party” and get a chance to win surprise items from the band!

CHICOSCI redefines their sound with the release of their newest, pioneering and explosive album under MCA Music FLY BLACK HEARTS, with their current single DIAMOND SHOTGUN! The album has been garnering raves not just from fans but also from various musical critics and icons.

Legendary guitarist and Radio DJ Francis Reyes of NU 107 notes that “The new Chicosci Album boasts crisp tight production, violent grooves, melodic aggro guitars, and hook-filled choruses. It’s their most focused album, with no throwaway riffs. Their best album definitely!”

Pulp’s Editor In Chief/ Writer and Intolerant band member Joey Dizon also regarded the production of Chicosci’s album as “One of the best sonically captured band sounds so far. In an age where digital downloading is high, FLY BLACK HEARTS is surprising in a good way, with a really good packaging and a new and exciting sound. The fact that the band has lasted this long proves that they really have something to say. I also give credit to the team working behind it --- to MCA Music, for taking chances and believing and trusting in local talent.”

CHICOSCI is making waves across the region, spreading their music in various countries in South East Asia. Aside from sharing the stage with American big-name acts such as Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, and Thursday, CHICOSCI has toured with other groups from Asia and Australia. The band has also been busy crossing international borders by performing in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. They have recently finished a Nike Event in Singapore and has also been busy with TANDUAY’S First Five Tour!

Truth be told, CHICOSCI’s has been receiving success in epic proportions and will continue to take the music industry by storm!

Grab a copy of CHICOSCI’s FLY BLACK HEARTS available in Odyssey Music and Video outlets, and in other major record bars nationwide!

Tracks from the album are also available for mobile download via Globe and Smart WAP sites. To download the ringback tone of DIAMOND SHOTGUN, key in the code DIAMONDSHOTGUN and send to 2728 for Smart Subscribers, and the code KE783 and send to 2332 for Globe Subscribers!

Support their video on MYX by keying in MYX VOTE DIAMOND SHOTGUN and send to 2366!
CHICOSCI’s BLACK HEARTS PARTY is made possible by Eastwood City, Tanduay, Odyssey Music and Video,, NU 107, Pulp Magazine and MCA Music Inc.



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