The Sound Of The Giant South is gaining more recognition around the nation like never before. At the forefront of the whole movement is a band with a record that surpasses most bands that have come out of the Queen City of Cebu. They are none other than Urbandub.

Since their emergence, they have come out with a completely infectious and original blend of dynamic song structures and hurricane-force rhythms that made them a sure thing to break out of the pack, but even the band could not have imagined how far.

To stir up the anticipation for the upcoming release of their massive and pioneering album under MCA Music, Urbandub’s album launch vows to be nothing short of extraordinary.

On November 28, 2009, Urbandub will be launching their undoubtedly mind-blowing album “THE APPARITION” under MCA Music! Limited Deluxe Edition copies will be released ONLY AT THE VENUE and will contain the bonus track, “Home”. True Blue Dubistas can prove their allegiance by tracking down and hunting for the venue, dubbed as THE ROAD TO THE APPARITION, presented by MCA Music, Sonic Boom Management and the Official Radio Partner Jam 88.3!

Since November 21, Urbandub has been giving out daily clues in their online accounts (facebook, yahoogroups, myspace, etc.) to unravel the mystery behind the venue for the launch.

Here is Urbandub’s message to all the Dubistas:

“Hi, have you all seen Nick and Norah’s Playlist? Yes? As you all know we’re doing something similar to that and this isn’t just part of a gimmick. We’re doing this because we want YOU, the Dubistas, and only the Dubistas to be there. We want this intimate, and this is the only way to get the information out and know that only you will be there to experience The Apparition first. Enjoy the hunt guys, this is a first for us Pinoys.”

Be the first to tweet where Urbandub’s album launch is and you’re going to get a special package from the band.”

JUST FOR ONE NIGHT, Dubistas to the core who will attend the launch can get the chance to own a LIMITED DELUXE EDITION COPY of “The Apparition” which has a special edition cover and contains the bonus track “Home”, exclusive premium items and best of all, a night of hypnotic rock music with Urbandub’s long set!

So come and join the hunt and be the first to grab a hold of Urbandub’s cyclonic release: THE APPARITION under MCA Music! Tune in to Jam 88.3 – Your kind of Mix, for more clues, and log-on to the facebook, myspace and twitter accounts of Urbandub!

To get a FREE ringback tone of their newest single GRAVITY, key in the keyword GRAVTY and send to 2728 for Smart subscribers, or the code KG054 and send to 2332 for Globe Subscribers.

The Apparition is released exclusively under MCA Music.

Urbandub’s album launch is made possible by MCA Music, Sonic Boom Management, the Official Radio Partner Jam 88.3, JB Music, Salvaje Systems, Zagu and Jack Daniels.


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