Miscommunication or NO Communication?

I am not sure of this but since I've read that my brother, Azrael was misinformed about the Presscon, I might also share the same views since I also saw on his INBOX about the details of the event. And turn an exciting event into a nightmare.

We've been debating since we are also attending other activities (Oh well, it's pretty obvious - Arts N Music festival in Megamall since we've been supporting this event for years).

It's really frustrating and I understand the feeling -- Although am not really interested to cover the Presscon since I know the venue is too far. I was surprised when I opened my inbox and saw this plurk message as well as the blog link. Upon reading the blog, entitled - 4 MINUTE FAIL


hahaha. I would rather stay at Megatrade for the Arts and Music Festival and Support OUR OWN FILIPINO ARTISTS....

That's all.


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