Miss You Like Crazy, a tear-jerker and a thought-provoking romantic drama

Miss You Like Crazy, a tear-jerker and a thought-provoking romantic drama

Rachelle Siazon, ABS-CBN.com

Is there really such a thing as right time when it comes to falling in love? This is what Star Cinema’s latest offering Miss You Like Crazy is all about. It asks about life’s mysteries that would only be answered if you’ve given it a try. It dares you to be brave enough to fight for your love and wait until destiny itself conspires to make things right no matter how long it takes. It teaches you that before you commit to a person, it’s because he/she is the one your heart desires and not because you’re just settling to what’s available and convenient. But ultimately, it tells you that a happy ending is possible only if two people in love work hard to stay that way. Otherwise, both parties may be subjected to a lifetime of sorrow and regret.

Without giving away the specific plot of the story, you’d find that there lies the beauty of watching Miss You Like Crazy because it keeps you guessing until the end of the film. John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo have given justice to the well-script by conveying their character’s inner conflict by knowing when to hold back or give in to their emotions. But the biggest surprise is Bea who stands out with her role as Mia Samonte whose quirks (like writing out her dilemmas on marbles), attitude, and beliefs are mostly the take-off points of the movie’s themes. But this doesn’t make John Lloyd less of an actor for it was his character Alan Alvarez’s subtle charm and intensity which made the whole dramatic performance really effective.

John Lloyd and Bea certainly haven’t lost their on screen chemistry as they will make your heart race with unexpected kilig moments like the fact that they often meet by pure chance whether in Manila or Malaysia. There’s this one scene where they got separated while shopping in Divisoria and John Lloyd was at a loss in the midst of the throng of people. But when they finally saw each other Bea quips, “Bakit ka ba nagpa-panic? Kahit nga hindi mo ako hinahanap nagkikita pa rin tayo!” While in Malaysia, John Lloyd ends up bumping into Bea even when she’s trying to avoid him. “I can’t take away all the pain that I’ve caused you. But if you will just let me, I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you,” says John Lloyd to Bea when he’s asking her to come back to him.

True to Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina’s word, all love stories are the same but it is the manner that Mia and Alan’s love story was told which made all the difference. Don’t forget your hanky when you watch this movie for you will find yourselves crying and hurting with the characters even when you don’t want to.

Miss You Like Crazy is now showing in theaters nationwide.



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