5th backdoor ventures arts and music festival - Day 01 - Feb 5

MyPhone's Ninoy-Cory mobile phone, at a very affordable price.

Thank you to Backdoor Ventures/Megatrade as well for giving us the opportunity to be part of this event again. I just got our Exhibitor's ID a while ago after my shift and cover the Day 1.

I took the chance to go around the venue before I go home and see what's inside...
Align Center
Here's some of my photos. You check my entire album of Day 1 here
It's a 3 day event, You can still catch some more activities until Sunday
So, what are you waiting for? Support our local artists and love our OWN.

For a 100php, you'll able to discover the true Filipino Culture, Music and Arts

For the tentative list of activities, you can go to this calendar.

See You Tomorrow and Sunday!

am going to pamper myself tomorrow with this nail art for Php300 ONLY!


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