Intellipen - Writes Digitally as promised.

A new writing instrument!

Hooraaay! Yes, this is it! A gadget that will lessen your time to transfer your notes and encode it manually!
How would you react when you see this digital pen?

I am very intrigue on this gadget that is the main reason why I signed in and attended the launch at Cafe 1771, at El Pueblo (a newly opened cafe in Ortigas! you'll going to love the cafe set up! will make a separate post on it!-smiles)

A gadget called "Intellipen" is such a one of a kind invention.

You don't need a tablet to support the base, a plain paper will do (the speakers said, as long as it's a flat surface then 100% sure that everything you wrote will be recorded!) = AMAZING.

As they discussed how it worked, demonstrations were also made to prove that this kind of pen is what we wanted.

At the end of the launch, they gave away prizes including the newest Intellipen which 'luckily' I WON...Lucky me! yeah.


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