Independent OPM Artists bagged 6 Golds at AVIMA 2010

Independent Filipino Artists has once again proven that they can compete internationally as DiCE&k9/Mobbstarr, Wolfgang, Up Dharma Down, D-Coy and The Bernadettes all won the top prizes at the recently concluded Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards (AVIMA) 2010 held in Malaysia.

The Philippines took home the highest number of honors receiving (six) 6 gold (which is the equivalent of a Crystal trophy) while India got four (4), Malaysia with three (3) and Indonesia with two (2).

Philippine Hip Hop Royalty DiCE&k9/Mobbstarr lead the pack as they bagged for the 2nd time the Best HipHop/Urban Group, while Wolfgang won Best Rock Group, D-Coy for Best HipHop/Urban Solo, The Bernadettes for Best Remix, Up Dharma Down for Best Mind Blowing Video, and the group’s vocalist, Armi Millaire, for Best Female Vocalist Over-All. Special mentions were also given to Wolfgang’s Basti Artadi for Best Rock Vocalist (Silver Award), Loonie for Best HipHop/Urban Solo (Bronze) and Turbo Goth for Best Remix (Bronze).

AVIMA 2010 is considered as the world’s biggest independent music award and also dubbed as the “World’s 1st Online Music Awards Festival” because of the participation of more than 1,500 independent musicians from more than 20 countries in Asia. The event was uniquely supported and created around major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,, Friendster, Youtube and Myspace, and was brought to the world via the sponsorship and support of,, and The awards event is organized annually by (

Instead of a single awards show, it was spread across four (4) days between April 30 to May 3, building hype and injecting thrills, spills and suspense using the web to convey everything. Last year’s AVIMA was also unique of which a global webcast show was styled around the TV shows of “24” and “The Amazing Race”, pitting two teams in a split screen shot, racing across the streets of Kuala Lumpur and unearthing clues and celebrities who announced the winners against a clock ticking down from 60 minutes.

Several new categories were also introduced as the awards unfolded such as “T2B” or Tipped 2 Be The Next Big Thing, Asian Anthem of The Year, Asian Music Champion of The Year (Best Promoter) and also The Flava Award: Best African Artiste of Asia.

Some big names also stole the show, such as Mariah Carey appearing in a cameo role in Hill Zaini’s and Samantha Mumba’s 3rd place win for Most Mindblowing Music Video for “Stay in The Middle”, famous hip-hoppers Black Dada and Rick Ross sharing the Best Remix with Young Stunna’s special remix of the song “Rags to Riches” and A R Rahman’s lead guitarist, Sanjeev T, who walked away with the “Thank You For Existing” award for being the most inventive, innovative and creative act of Asia.

“It’s been a challenging two (2) years bringing four (4) major awards events to Asia with both the VIMA and AVIMA awards. We have taken it as far as we can go, and now, as we planned right from the start, is to step aside and allow someone else, perhaps a bigger media, corporation or event organizer to take over the reins and elevate it to the next level. These past 24 months have been the most momentous and trying times for the Voize, VIMA and AVIMA, as these awards have involved volunteers working hard behind the scenes out of sheer unconditional passion to help bring Asian music to the world,” said Siva (Zaphod) Chandran, founder of VIMA and AVIMA and also the Managing Editor of (an Asian lifestyle and entertainment website based in Kuala Lumpur).



Prema Yin – Eyo Eyo (Malaysia)

Gila Monstarz – Riderz (Malaysia)

Zedde – Mumbai (India)

Best Pop/R&B Song

Melissa Indot – A Minute After Midnight (Malaysia)

Best Pop/R&B Act

Inch Chua (Singapore)

Best Rock Song

Junkyard Groove – Imagine (India)

Best Rock Group

Wolfgang (Philippines)

Best Rock Vocalist

Suraj – Motherjane (India)

Best Hip-Hop/Urban Song

Gila Monstarz – Riderz (Malaysia)

Best Hip-Hop/Urban Solo

D-Coy (Philippines)

Best Hip-Hop/Urban Group

DiCE&k9/Mobbstarr (Philippines)

Thank You For Existing Award

Sanjeev T and The Rainbow Bridge


Best Electro/ Dance Song

Funky Gong – Muzik Down (Japan)

Best Electro/Dance Act

Bottlesmoker (Indonesia)

Moody melancholic masterpiece

Maral – My Clothes On Other Bodies (Iran)

The Bliss Award (Best song to play at a campfire)

Fakhrul Razi – Quench (Brunei)

Best female vocalist overall

Armi Millaire / Up Dharma Down (Philippines)

Best Remix

The Bernadettes – Let’s Make Babies (Abortion Remix) (Philippines)

Best collaboration

Mad Project – Change (Melissa Indot, Altimet & Deja Voodoo Spells) (Malaysia)

Feelgood Song of The Year

Junkyard Groove – Folk You (India)

Most Mindblowing Music Video

Sana – Up Dharma Down (Philippines)


Group: Soundcircus (Nigeria/Sarawak)

Solo: Young Stunna (Nigeria/Malaysia)


Go Chic (Taiwan)


Standards (Thailand)

Go Chic (Taiwan)

Juju (Brunei)

Summerpint Junkie (India)

Ze (Malaysia)

Beat The System (Malaysia)

Iz (Malaysia)

Prayag (India)

Risky Summerbee & The Honeythief


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