Manila Bloggers Network video presentation for World Bloggers Day

Do you blog? If yes, then I hope there will come a time that all of us will meet personally and discuss what we blogged about...What are you blogging about? Many blog about their day-to-day experiences, food trips, unforgettable events, misadventures, gossips, entertainment and a lot more. Even a six year old student has a facebook. Come to think of it, we are in the CYBERSPACE era. Whether you're blogging 'for personal purposes or you've been hired to do it ... let's celebrate and support the blogging community.

Here is the video presentation prepared by Azrael through the help of different bloggers in Manila. Our one goal is to unite all bloggers around Metro Manila. So, if you would like to participate on different events organized by these bloggers, please free to drop a message to Azrael's blog at

Manila Bloggers Network video presentation for World Bloggers Day


May 2 is World Bloggers Day. Let's celebrate the significance of bloggers in our society and have fun, fun, fun. Catch the very first celebration in Parkmall, Cebu.

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For more than a decade, blogging has been popular in every part of the world connected to the World Wide Web. Blogs ranging from personal, corporate, or any type have been increasingly impacting the mainstream media while being acknowledged by governments. Blogs became reliable sources of information, getting around the filter of every government publication policies and laws, and pushing information directly to the public.

Since 2004, the Philippines has become the number 1 region of interest for blogging according to Google. The Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. -- a group of Filipino Media Bloggers promoting Cebu through blogs -- has decided to pioneer another event to celebrate the importance of bloggers in the modern society. This event is called the World Bloggers’ Day.

There have already been some blogging events that marked the significance of blogging all over the world such as the Blog Day and Blog Action Day. But those have different goals for bloggers. World Bloggers’ Day is one of Cebu Bloggers Society’s initiatives to lead a worldwide celebration created with the belief that in the years to come, it will become an official world wide event.

The First World Bloggers’ Day

The Cebu Bloggers Society is proud to announce to the growing blogosphere that the first ever World Bloggers’ Day 2010 will take place on May 2, in the Queen City of the South -- Cebu, Philippines. The event will be spearheaded by the Cebu Bloggers Society and Parkmall - Cebu. It will feature the Blogger of the Day and the Best Cast-away Outfit Award while doing live blogging and many more. All bloggers, individuals or groups, are encouraged to participate in this remarkable day of the year!

For more information, you may visit the World Bloggers’ Day fanpage on Facebook or follow World Bloggers’ Day on Twitter.


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