My Iron Man 2 Movie Experience

When: May 1, 2010
What: Iron Man 2 - Block Screening
Where: Podium, Ortigas

I enjoyed watching Iron Man 2 and Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr) is freaking awesome! After revealing his identity as Iron Man, here comes the problem - the government wants to turnover his weapon - his Iron Man suit.

The conflict arises when they wanted to duplicate such kind of suit through the help of Justin Hammer. Ivan Vanko's character was such a mysterious and he did made such kind of another source of power to take revenge on Stark. At the end of the film, you'll see Stark and Directory Nick Fury in a discussion. What was that all about? You have to watch and see it for yourself.

Thanks to the sponsors. I took home a Jolly Toy because I arrived early at the cinema. They also gave me Iron Man exclusive freebies courtesy of Jollibee.


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