Book for an exclusive party at Meidolls Cafe!

Yes, that is right. My friends (let's say former colleagues that turned into a real life partners, my friends!) booked for an exclusive two hour party at Meidolls Cafe.

It was our 2nd visit to the "cosplay cafe in Manila" when we decided to celebrate my memorable day with them. I am very fortunate that a friend extert some efforts to book and organize this event, who am talking about? No other than, Cosplayer-Studio! It's a very tiring thing to do, I know. Contacting each members of the family and setting the schedule, amount, and of course choosing the best food to serve is such a pressure.

When the group arrived to the place, tables were already set and the Meidolls crew happily assisted each of the team on their menus.

We also brought kids to the cafe, Which I know that they'll enjoy the ambiance.

Foods were served, Meidolls power up "moe moe kyun" was really cute.

Even the games we played brought into laughters but I am so happy that they were sports and who doesn't love to dance with them?

Here is a video from my exclusive party.

Again, my friends, thank you so much for such a wonderful and memorable experience. Hope you all enjoy that special time we had.

See you soon on our next events :) Power up!

btw, Meidolls cafe is expanding! That is how demanding they are. Watch out for the new location (same building though but MOOOREE SPACIOUS).


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