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A Sunday Afternoon filled with energy, The Bloggers were invited to a unique event. It's SCRAPBOOKING SUNDAY! As we arrived at the venue, materials were given and we even brought our own photos as the subject of our activity on that day.

We were taught on how to organize our photos and collate altogether into a scrapbook.

We were even learned to use different scrapbooking materials. All had fun and enjoyed that activity.

It was such a rewarding day for all of us to finished our own scrapbook and showed it to everyone.

You can browse our works on this page, Click Here

Where's mine. If you know me well, then you'll able to guess it...hahaha.

 Okay, here's mine. You can also vote my work. Click here

This was entitled: Wish to see you. It was a Taiwanese Series (tadaah, F4!).

On the photos inside was my Taiwan tour in 2009 when I attended Jerry Yan's 2nd album launch and Fan Gathering Event.

Event Photos, Click Here

I admit, am not really a big fan of any kinds of crafting but I am so curious how it was done.

Scrapbooks say it all, a combination of wonderful stories that will bring your photos into life. It can be in traditional or digital editing, the most important is how you value the memories you have shared with your loved ones.

And, Thank you for inviting me. Hope there'll be more crafting activities.



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Invitation from Orange Magazine TV (thanks always!)


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