My Bisita Iglesia 2013 experience: 7 Churches, prayers can move mountains

We worked with clients for long hours for five days and oftentimes attended several events, gatherings & special engagement on weekend.

I have decided to stay in Manila to spend my holy week and create my itinerary for Maundy Thursday - Bisita Iglesia. It doesn't matter how many churches you're going to visit as long as your devotion is true and sincere. For the past years, our family was practicing visiting different churches in Metro Manila. So, I would love to try it on my own.

St Pio



San Sebastian


Sta Cruz


I woke up late in the morning and rushed to my first & second destination in Libis, Quezon City: St Pio & Holy Family Chapel, then, I took a long ride going to Manila... Bustillos is my third destination at Our Lady of Loreto and fourth is San Sebastian, these two churches had good memories when I was in College. And, my final three churches were San Sebastian, San Lorenzo Ruiz and Quiapo Church.



Good thing that I have found a prayer guide for 7 churches, I was really fortunate and printed it out. As we know that all forms of prayer are good to bring us closer to God. As we thanked for our everyday blessings, or would like to vent out our deepest hurts, and painful experiences yet we also share our joys and tears.

Street Actions
I was walking towards Ongpin and found this area: Free Drinking Water, Free Blood Pressure Test and Free Tikoy. So I lined up and tasted Eng Bee Tin's tikoy prepared by the volunteers.



I took my late lunch in one cafeteria in Ongpin street: I ordered fish fillet and kalabasa (that's a miracle I ate gulay, lol!).


My last stop was to visit my friends in Espana and accompanied them in Quezon City, went back to their place and spent the rest of the night - bonding and watching movies on cable.

That was such a memorable Maundy Thursday experience. Despite of fatigue, I am still thankful that I managed my own schedule. I stayed at home last Good Friday and Black Saturday. And, we celebrated our Easter Sunday at Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati :)


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