Summer Classics: A must have Flip-flops


Hello Summer! And you're rushing to find good and affordable summer clothes and accessories.
Perfect with your casual shirts and jeans, maxi dress, shorts and swimwear - is Flip Flops.

Flip-flops comes with different design and colors. And, some comes with different accessories like flower petals, beads or buttons on the straps. Other says that wearing Flip-flops are fun and comfortable; suitable for all weather conditions (rain or shine).

Getting to know more about Carribean Flip-Flops
I was surprised to found out that Carribean Flip-Flops is proudly made in the Philippines (that includes all raw materials, design, and concepts).

What makes it unique and stylish?
Comfortable - There were times we often complained that our feet hurts when walking for longer hours, this time, Carribean carefully studied its comfortability.
Durable - Wear it all the times, in all type of weather; Carribean flip-flops are proven not to break or crack
Fashionable - I saw some of their products and they are extremely stylish. I love the color combination and it really surprises me that the designs are very appealing and attractive.





Additional information according to Carribean Footwear
The Strap at it's finest - I am always a victim of a broken strap on my Flip-Flops. I had one incident abroad that I accidentally tripped and my Flip-Flop's strap got ripped and I was so shocked! This time, Carribean has its own out cutting-edge technology perfect the integration of comfort, durability and elegance. Making their straps one of a kind, comfort and own style of elegance on their strap.


The Toe Fashion - Since I am flat-footed, balancing is one of my problems when wearing flip-flops. Good thing that Carribean has a balancing act to support the flip-flop's structure without compromising fashion and creativity.

The Mid-foot curve - I've checked and discovered that Carribean artistically formed to create proper foot formation and posture that will gives more endurance while walking or running, sounds very interesting!

The soul of our sole
It provides ultimate protection. Scientifically designed to mold one's soles to perfectly fit admist mobility.

Where to buy Carribean Footwear products? Check out leading department stores in Metro Manila. I've been informed that the prices are really affordable. So, don't forget to tag us or share it on your walls so that we would love to hear your feedback when you buy the products.
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