Photography: Understanding Exposure (a live webinar workshop)

I'm inviting everyone to attend a one of a kind workshop about Photography, and this is the 1st webinar workshop about photography, you can attend the webinar (that's web seminar) at home or at Station 168 internet shop, you need to have an fast internet connection and computer if you plan to attend at home. There are 3 sessions, 1 webinar workshop, 1 photo shoot activity and face to face meet event, and 1 feedback and review sessions online.

An expensive camera does not automatically produce good pictures. Taking a good photograph comes from knowing the technical basics and developing your artistic "eye". Learn how the technical complements the artistic through this webinar workshop series by Edwin Celestino.

FEB 18 THURS 7PM-9PM - Online class
FEB 20 SAT 10AM onwards - Face to Face
FEB 22 MON 7PM-9PM - Online feedback & review

The Feb 18 session will cover the techniques of exposure in relation to taking a good picture. The factors involved in achieving good exposure as well as the relationship to shutter speed, ISO and aperture will also be discussed. The Feb 20 session will be a walk around the Manila Bay area where students can experiment and apply what they've learned. On Feb 22, the class will re-convene online to share their pictures and to get feedback.

Speaker Bio:
Edwin Celestino is one of the Philippines' foremost fashion and commercial advertising photographers. With almost 30 years of experience and a client list ranging from Rustan's, ShoeMart, designers Ben Farrales, Cesar Gaupo, Lulu Tan Gan, Frederick Peralta, and Pitoy Moreno, and celebrities Kuh Ledesma and Nanette Inventor, his work has been published in the coffee table books; TAO: The Filipino People, KASALAN: Philippine Weddings, Philippine Costumes, and in the magazines Design And Architecture, InStyle and LifeStyle Asia. He is now transferring his knowledge to the new generation, first as a teacher in the UST College of Fine Arts and for the past 5 years, in the DLS-College of St. Benilde.

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