Now the leading kitchen appliances is now in Manila!
Rinnai, established in 1920 is known as the largest manufacturer of gas appliances in Japan.
Obtained the highest standard and certified ISO, Rinnai's goal is to provide innovative driven quality products in an environmentally responsible manner.
Rinnai now in Manila.
With Rinnai’s entry to the Philippine market, it introduces its many choices of tabletop cookwares via SM Homeworld.
These gas stoves boast of the following product features:
1.Modern Japanese production with oversight of Rinnai Japan - a guarantee of quality.
2.Strong construction, corossion-resistant, and proven durable.
3.A range of models and burners to match one’s style of cooking.
4.Has advanced burner technology that produces a more efficient blue flame thus saves on gas.

The flame of each Rinnai stove is strong against wind - an important safety feature. Even at 3m per second wind, the flame does not extinguish. Similarly, in the case of overflowing when cooking soups and liquids, the flame is tested to not die out. This is made possible by a specially designed burner head cap that protects the flame from overflow.
The stoves are so durable that it can carry a 50 kilogram weight load.
Detachable top plates are available for several models that needs no screws and functions to allow easy assembling and cleaning.
Each stove that comes out from manufacturing has gone through triple quality checks.
Rinnai stands by the quality of their product thus each stove has a 2 year warranty.

Rinnai stoves may now be purchased at all SM Homeworld outlets. Avail of a 20% discount from April 28 to May 31, for the best Rinnai model to suit your cooking style.


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