04-10-10 Super Junior SS2 Manila - MOBILE UPLOADS

I was thankful that I've got ticket/s for SuperShow 2 of Super Junior in Manila concert

Correct me if am wrong, this is the last leg of their Asia Tour, right? Luckily, Philippines was the last and definitely not the least!

The stage was so huge, and you can't concentrate on one side because all of the members had to maximize the entire stage (clap!clap!clap!)

Finally, I saw Siwon...Ok, I admit (for the hundred times) I only knew him. That was the main reason why I went to the presscon. And then the rest, I started to familiarize their names while performing.

Good thing that the videos or conversations had english subtitles (another round of applause!)

I enjoyed their performances + don't forget the coolest effects! I was joking that I thought am watching a fireworks display or a laser show = that adds to the 'excitement' of the concert!

So, here are my mobile videos. I didn't brought my digicam with me because I wanted to enjoy the entire super show! But since I wanted to share that precious moment, I took some videos.

Don't complain, they're microscopic! hahaha But at least, I've shared it to you...hehehe

Shindong said "ANO BA YAN!!!"



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