It’s always refreshing to have a dessert after a heavy meal especially if you have just indulged in extra fatty food.

More often than not, we end up going to coffee or bread shops to have our favorite dessert. We have to admit that this has been a common habit by people who are passionate about desserts.

But isn’t it best to have a dessert that’s not only refreshing but is also light and healthy? Just like the luscious and temptingly delectable taste of the fruit desserts that the makers of our favorite fruit drink stop, Fruitas, have concocted for a more sophisticated clientele.

This time, Fruitas is about to open a new restaurant intended for these dessert lovers, especially with summer just around the corner – the Cocktales dessert restaurant.

“The very reason we decided to put up Cocktales restaurant is to give dessert goers, especially women and young people, an alternative home,” stressed Lester Yu, founder and CEO of Fruitas and Cocktales dessert restaurant. “This is the first in the Philippines where products are concentrated on fruit desserts. Certainly, Cocktales is also perfect for gym fanatics and for people who want to trim down,” he added.

Dessert lovers will surely be thrilled with their Mango Bananarama, an exotic blend of mangoes, banana, tapioca and rice balls all mixed in a bowl. Be enticed with the invigorating coolness of Jungle Juice-Pure Juice, a perfect blend of apples, strawberries, oranges and pineapples and their other Fruit shakes. Others may also go for a heavier treat like their Tropical Paradise that’s aptly favored by all during the hot season.

Aside from the wide array of fruit desserts and drinks to choose from, other products to watch out for are Nana Rosa’s Hot Cacao to start up the day and Evening Calm to soothe and relax you as the day ends.

Alas, health-conscious folks, especially modern women on-the-go, now have a haven to look forward to as the opening of Cocktales dessert restaurant is closing in – a perfect venue for get-togethers, gatherings or just simple chit-chats to relax and unwind.

Cocktales dessert restaurant is set to open at the end of this month with its first branch located at the 5th level, Atrium of SM Megamall and another one soon at Trinoma Mall.


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