Winema: A Cinema SM revolution, first in the Philippines

Playing inside the cinema? Yes, it's true. A one of a kind movie experience only at SM Cinema.
A groundbreaking innovation which turns the whole movie audience into human joysticks through interactive cinema gaming.

How it works?With the help of a motion sensitive camera, movie watchers will maneuver the character on screen left and right bywaving their arms in the air according to the direction they want to follow it. The game will run for 3 minutes, and a chance for the movie audience to beat the high score to get a special price for each audience members.

What's the meaning of Winema?
Winema stands for WE INTERACT WITH THE CINEMA, and this is the first interactive game at SM Cinemas.

Winema launched at SM Digital Theaters in SM Megamall Cinema 1, In a few months it'll be available in other branches.


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