Lately, I've been receiving tons of emails from my contacts with no subject and contains 'wordpress' links.

I mark them as spam and trash them immediately. I immediately researched online and check which of these emails were authentic and sent by users and to identify which are hoaxes and scams.

Quoted from:

-Misleading emails that contain exaggerated claims, email scams which asks you to send your social security number or bank account number for you to claim a prize or reward

-Check the email hosting that the sender is using, ignore immediately if the sender is using free accounts like Gmail or Yahoo. Companies DO NOT use free accounts to communicate with customers.

-Check if the email hosting company uses legit email address

-Viral - anything that contains advertisement or forwarded is more likely a viral. If with attachments, totally ignore the message and do not download or open it unless you confirm with the sender if she/he sent the file. Once opened, scan immediately and check if the attachment has a virus that will affects your computer.

How we are going to protect our inbox? Well, as simple as, do not entertain anything without a subject, or at least contact first the sender through chat if they sent something. Again, scan your computer every now and then. We never know what will happen next.


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