SM Cyberzone opens a new branch at SM South Mall

SM Cyberzone opens a new branch at SM South Mall

Are you a fan of electronic gadgets and more game stuffs?

Have you been to any of SM cyberzone branches (mostly  total of 15 branches) in the Philippines and checked the latest IT concept stores offered by different branches?

All branches have a unique and modern technology lifestyle design for a more digital and interactive approach to the consumers. Stores include Fujitsu, Olympus, Case Logic, and HTC. There are also mini stores or what we called 'kiosk' which offered different varities of gadgets like mp3s, mobile phones, lapto repair shops and more.

Good News to all Metro South Residents!

Finally, SM Southmall has the newly opened branch of SM Cyberzone. Find the latest tenants, first elevated game pad and ofcourse, a wifi capable mall feature.

Here are some of the photos courtesy from SM Cyberzone.

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