What went wrong: KPOP Star 'RAIN' cancelled his press conference in Manila

I was about to pick up my brother and a friend in Manila Hotel because I knew that I couldn't make it for the presscon due to my working schedule and decided to wait for them while they're inside the Champagne Hall of Manila Hotel until I saw media people hanging around the lobby and I was able to talked to the Hotel Manager and He said, Ma'am the presscon was cancelled but I didn't know the other details. You can wait for the 'manager' or 'promoter' on his way here.

Then I went inside, had a little chat with some media friends and we headed to Ongpin to eat some snacks and walk around the streets until we reached Quiapo (well, we were looking for some stuffs that's why I decided to come over eventhough I know it'll be late).

btw, the presscon was moved to a later date (as per ed's post). When it is, well, ask me -- I'll reveal it to you. Just Kidding.

Is he ISNABERO or SNOB? I don't know.
But the management should TOLD the PRESS in advance if this is a MISCOMMUNICATION.
Isn't the PRESSCON is included on the CONTRACT? Whatever.


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