Eastwood City holds Annual Pet Blessing to celebrate World Animal Day

How much do you love your pets? For some, pets are their best friends; for others, like their children. If you love them this much, celebrate the World Animal Day with your pets by giving them a gift that will exemplify your utmost love and concern: the gift of blessing.

Give the gift of blessing to your beloved pets. On October 3 bring them to Eastwood City’s Annual Pet Blessing at the Eastwood Mall Open Park. This solemn affair will start with a procession in honor of St. Francis of Assisi—patron saint of animals—around Eastwood City at 4pm to be participated by pets and owners. A Holy Mass to be officiated by Franciscan priests will start at 5pm. The pet blessing will follow immediately after the mass.

At least 900 pets were blessed during the ceremony which came from nearby villages such as Acropolis, Valle Verde, Corinthians, and as well as the residents of Eastwood City. More are expected to participate this year especially with more stores and restaurants within Eastwood who welcome pets inside their
respective establishments.

Everyone is welcome to join the Eastwood City Pet Blessing. Registration starts at 3pm and participation is free. For inquiries, call the Eastwood Mall Concierge at 709-1893 or 0918-8-EWCITY.


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