China Crisis Presscon at Eastwood Mall

Wishful Thinking was the third single released by English pop group China Crisis and became a number one hit in the world.

Songs were written and composed by Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon who are now in Manila to perform (two) nights on Eastwood Mall Open Park on January 21, 7pm and at the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill on January 22, 8pm. I have seen them last Sunday performing at ASAP in ABS-CBN and I've also found out that they've attended numerous TV guestings and promotions on local television.

Their contribution to the music industry made them famous and it was in early 80s since their songs went to thhe top charts in UK, Australia and Worldwide. Another trivia that surprised me was it was during 2002 wherein they've performed in Manila - my brother told me it was held somewhere in Manila together with Rivermaya.

Here is a teaser and Hope to see you there!

And their songs:
1. Wall Of God
2. Gift Of Freedom
3. Tragedy And Mystery
4. Wishful Thinking
5. You Did Cut Me
6. Bigger The Punch I'm Feeling
7. Highest High
8. Strength Of Character
9. Seven Sports For All
10. King In A Catholic Style
11. Working With Fire And Steel
12. Some People I Know
13. Christian
14. Black Man Ray

And a youtube live performance :)


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