Do we really give blogging a bad name?

Read this article from Sunday Inquirer Website

I was surprised upon reading this article. The PR agency whomever they were should be avoided. But how we are going to avoid such incidents as bloggers? Honestly, I am being selective to the things am doing. I have experienced so many 'bad' things in dealing with some events and promised will accommodate those who were trusted and friendly. And, My only advice for my fellow bloggers is - to check whom you're working with and investigate the purpose of what you're blogging about. Not just accepting some projects that is equivalent to a whole day free meal. I've heard a lot of wrongdoings but of course, to myself, I always see to it that am on the right track. To these people who acted like scamming for money for living, God is watching you and expect a 'karma' soon :)

Let's maintain a healthy blogging community. Not for money, but for what we've love to do --- to share information and of course, to create a happy atmosphere in blogosphere.


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