Not a Green Bee - It's Green Hornet!

An adaptation that introduced martial arts on television, debuted in the late 60s that put Bruce Lee as Kato into stardom during those times. As identified to fight crime as a vigilante, Green Hornet previously originated from a radio program and appeared on TV and big screen. More of a story of the life of a newspaper publisher named Britt Reid and his masked servant, Kato who both helped the community and fought crimes armed with high powered gadgets [and a car named Black Beauty] and hand-to-hand combat skills. The Hornet Sting became popular and now became the 2011's talk of the town movie.

As we knew Seth Rogen; He never failed to deliver numerous punchlines and wackiness on screen. As he plays, Britt Reid, forced to take over his father's business affairs and decided to spent it on his own ways. While Jay Chou, who debuted on Hollywood as Kato; a truly genius and inventor set plans to stop evil became the smartest mastermind in putting all weapons in a car.

Jay Chou poses at the press conference of the Green Hornet in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 17th, 2011. Actors Jay Chou, Seth Rogen and Director Michel Gondry attended the press conference of the Green Hornet in Beijing on Monday. The movie will be opening on Feb. 6th.

Jay Chou, who acted so simple and impressive for a upcoming Asian Hollywood star to watch for. I've read that he almost studied English Language for a month and yet, he delivered the dialogues so well. He's really talented and if you're going to watch closely, it was greatly exposed on the movie. Btw, the ending credits song Nun Chuks debuted on movie screen :)

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