The VGA Did It Once Again

I was fortunate to witness the advance preview of 2010 VGA at Animax. I thought I would encounter problems watching through video streaming but I was wrong! The video game awards show held December 11, 2010 in Los Angeles Convention Center hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

To take pride and honor of video gaming; VGA has a unique way of entertainment to provide and announce the most anticipated games for the past several years. Winners were selected through voting online.
What makes it more anticipating is the world premiere of batman arkham city; skyrim; ps3 mortal kombat; thor; xmen destiny; mass effect 3! I bet gamers can't wait for the release of these titles.

Ever since I was a child, I have always been fond of video games. I can still remember the first console that I had, which is the very first NES (the one with the big red buttons). Back then, the original Mario was definitely cutting edge.

Things definitely have changed now. Mario would definitely look straight out of the Stone Age for many younger gamers today. But with that, video games have come a long way from being kiddie toys to a recognized art form comparable to movies.

And that is where the annual Video Games Awards comes in. The VGA is one of the most popular awarding ceremonies solely dedicated to video games. Started in 2003, the awards has since grown to attract many of the top game publishers today.

For the 2010 awards, the VGA definitely had some impressive set of nominees. As expected, many of these games were the ones that have received the most public attention during the year. Though, just like the previous, the Video Game award did give a great amount of recognition to those games that might have not attracted a lot of fanfare, but definitely deserve a spot on the limelight.

And of course, there are the winners.  Red Dead Redemption bagged the biggest prize, winning the Game of the Year Award. The Rockstar (the makers of Grand Theft Auto) title bested out heavy favorites like Call of Duty: Black Ops and God of War. And the game definitely deserves the trophy, as it has received a lot of accolades from both critics and players alike since it was launched last May.

On the other hand, Bioware bagged the Studio of the Year award for the game Mass Effect 2. The award capped a great year for the Canadian game publisher, which released Mass Effect 2 to a resounding success this year.

One of the things that definitely caught the attention of many this year was the winner of the Best Independent Game. Limbo, published by Danish gamemaker Playdead Studio,  proved  worthy, with all the critical acclaim that it has received in the last few months. Many gamers have said that the game’s unique features definitely make it one of the indie games worth picking up.

Aside from the awards themselves, many fans also looked forward to the games that are set to be released this 2011. And from the teasers shown during the VGA, it looks like that there’s going to be a solid line up to wait for. Bioware previewed the sequel to Mass Effect 2 while another trailer for the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City game. Mortal Kombat fans also got the thrill of their lives when the game teaser revealed that the character Kratos (from the God of War series) would be included in the new game.

As expected, the Video Game Awards came out big yet again, being broadcasted in more than 175 countries. And while there are a few concerns, the awards definitely attracted a lot of people from the massive gaming community.

Watch the 2010 VGA  on Sunday January 23 at 7:10pm at ANIMAX

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