Back to school treats from Monsters University with Giordano Philippines




Official classes start in June and everyone is invited to taste a unique school fair organized by Giordano Philippines and Monsters University! Yes, experience the Freshmen Fair featuring our favorite schoolmate, don Mike Wazikowski.

Tag along your family, friends and fellow schoolmates and participate in various games and activities such: testing your brain, brawn and scar-ability and get exclusive freebies from Monsters University if you passed the challenges in flying colors.

Screamology: Test of mental speed
I was able to play this game and it was really hilarious. Solve the easy math questions on the left side and at the right side, solve a color cube game (whew, review your color chart!).

Field of Screams: Fitness and Sports
As a first timer to dance using XBOX Kinect sports, I was able to pass this easy dance routine. You can also play some sports games on the other side and beat the highest score!



School of Rawr: Future musicians
Explore the notes by playing Guitar Hero. Not bad for a first timer, I am not good in percussion and guitar :) Be a rock star in the making.

Monster 101: Problem Solving
With its classroom type setting station, enjoy the gain and solve the puzzles. A combination of colors and numbers, test your memory and beat your schoolmate's score.





After completing all those challenges and complete your report card stamps, don't forget to claim your Monsters University freebie.


Also, take a look on the exclusive apparel from Giordano Monsters University like printed tees, hoodies and polo shirts at a very reasonable prices.


The Monsters University Fair will be open for public until Sunday, June 30, 2013 at Trinoma.

This post serves an invitation to all. Have fun monsterous weekend!





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