Hotel Centro: The best hotel accommodation in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Summer vacation is over, and say hello to rainy days. Good thing that I have decided to book a flight to Palawan and spent my last summer days in Puerto Princesa, Narra and Aborlan. I'm very excited to share my stories and getaways, give me more time because I have been so busy managing some of my endeavors this month (ahem, Toycon!).

We scored an overnight accommodation at Hotel Centro in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
Yes, one of the best hotel accommodation according to the locals and even the tricycle driver were surprised when we told him to alight us at Hotel Centro, he offered a cheaper hostels nearby the airport and we said that we were already booked in Hotel Centro :) nyahaha and the stories we heard were remarkable about the hotel that made us more curious and excited.

The atmosphere was really warm upon entering the hotel lobby to check in. The hotel staffs were very accommodating and welcomed us, they even offered several promos like city tours, island hopping, etc but we said we were booked to go back in Manila the following day...Sigh.

Hotel Centro

Hotel Centro

When we got inside the room and unloaded our stuffs, we decided to do three activities on that night: to swim, eat our dinner, and get a spa massage!

The hotel's swimming pool is a sure big winner! I love its night lights and the water is warm. So, you don't have to worry if it's cold at night. You can still swim!

Hotel Centro has an outdoor BBQ dinner feast (at a very affordable price), we enjoyed our barbecue and ate our dinner at poolside.

We took an hour break and headed to the Spa for relaxation. (lights off please!)

Hotel CentroHotel Centro


Hotel Centro
An excellent view of the pool in the morning, I want to swim again!

Hotel Centro

Hotel Centro

hotel's exclusive club lounge :)

Hotel Centro

Hotel Centro

Also, got a chance to tour around the hotel and discovered that the place was supposed to be a commercial building but the owner decided to converted it into a hotel (Robinson's Place Palawan is just few blocks away from the hotel LOL).

Another trivia was they allowed tourists to check in for a couple of hours just to relax or spend a night because most of them would love to go out and spend the rest of their vacation days at the resort or islands. (note: you may also inquire at Hotel Centro for any city tour or island tour ideas, they're so friendly!)

Lastly, it was also revealed that the hotel will be having an expansion adding more function rooms / ballroom that can accommodate a thousand pax! (that's we called, innovation!)

Visit their website, and have a virtual tour of the hotel's best facilities and accommodation.

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