Study shows that over 60% of school children suffer from foot problems

dr kongIt's school time once again and we are all aware that most parents are into tight budget these days due to high tuition fees and suffers the quality of their children's school supplies, uniforms and shoes. In the recent study it shows that parents usually forget the importance of wearing good shoes for their children resulting 60% of school children suffered from foot problems and 70% of parents lack foot health knowledge.

Dr Kong conducted a survey to investigate parents' awareness and concern levels of foot health. Questionnaires were used to interview 1700 parents whose children ranged from 4 to 14 years of age.

The survey shows that over 60% of school children have foot problems, among which 70% are of flatfoot, 30% are of rearfoot valgus. Nonetheless, nearly 40% of school children were ignorant of these problems and 70% of parents had insufficient knowledge in flatfoot and rearfoot valgus.

The survey shoes that over 70% of parents expressed great concern for the foot health of their children, but only 35% of them had brought their children for foot health check. It shows the ignorance of foot health among parents and children is significant.

In walking tests, they successfully reduced the eversion by 2.5 to 3.0 degrees in cases of target school children, and showed a trend to bring their over-pronated feet back to the normal eversion range. In running tests, health shoes and insoles significantly reduced eversion angle by 3.1 to 3.6 degrees and successfully restored normal eversion in 84% of the pronators. With the rising of foot care concept, Dr. Kong pioneers the “check & fit” service Parents’ desire for a healthy development of their children spurs a large variety of products designed to benefit children’s health.

The implication of the trend is that shoes are chosen not only by fashion attributes, but also by health merits that tailored to children’s needs. In this respect, health shoes specialty store, Dr. Kong initiates a comprehensive individual service at a competitive price – by combining the professional health check and sales services with a mission to promote family education and awareness of foot care to achieve “Health Family Healthy Foot. Their original “check & fit” service ensures that products are fit-to-a-tee for customers’ health protection.

In addition, Dr. Kong provides free regular in-store checks for school children through “Foot care Program” comprising insole molding, foot care seminars, referral for specialist treatment, etc. Dr. Kong answers to the needs of the health shoes market, fostering a trend of “Check first for fitness”. Dr. Kong dedicates to the promotion of a foot care culture around the world ensuring a comprehensive and individual service to customers is Dr. Kong’s key to achieve rapid growth and high standing in the business in a few years of time.

Apart from sales services, Dr. Kong organizes education activities and seminars in schools, hospitals and elderly homes, such as talks by orthotists and physiatrists to enhance foot care awareness. A “Foot/Spine Care Education Group” is set up to host seminars and health checks in schools to disseminate foot/spine care concept among parents and school children. As people pay more and more attention to healthcare, the market for health shoes keeps expanding.

Dr. Kong Comfort and Healthy Shoes is available in the Philippines at the following branches: 3rd Level, The Gallery of Robinson Galleria, 2nd Level Robinsons Magnolia, 3rd Robinsons Place Manila, GF Sekai Center Building Greenhills, San Juan and 3rd Level SM Aura Premiere.

source: Dr Kong Comfort and Healthy Shoes


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