Before Midnight: Jesse and Celine's Love Story Trilogy

Okay, I was a big fan of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. The moment I've found out that Before Midnight is soon to release, I was excited. I know this movie is far away different from any other romantic story that you have imagined. I mean, a couple who now lives in Paris with twin girls having a good vacation in Greece, and now what happened next?213085-before-midnight-before-midnight-wallpaper

The first scene was when Jesse dropped off his son, Hank at the airport and then puzzled Jesse when Hank said that "mom hates you so much," thinking that what went really wrong during his past relationship with his ex-wife and hurting him so much because he couldn't be there to support his son. It took more than 10 minutes (around 14 minutes or more I guess) in one scene when driving home, my eyes got tired but I still managed to focused on their conversation and they talked about too many things about life and their relationship.

The lunch scene was a bit hilarious, wherein you can see how did technology change each of our lives. They mentioned a lot about the Internet (Skype), and you can relate on each couple's realization about life. Jesse and Celine also recalled on how did they met and the rest is history (I don't want to put so much spoiler here!).

The couple explored around Greece, walk around the countryside and local ruins (and more talking); I love how did they stare on the 'sunset,' that was remarkable.

They continuously chatting which the couple shares their utmost regrets and ended up arguing, I don't want to include their point-by-point disagreements but somehow the film has it, and the characters emotions are so expressive.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy acted so real as Jesse and Celine, well, in reality we expect couple to fight, make up, and realizing each other mistakes in life. There is no perfect love story, and this is not a fairy tale movie.

Please, no more installment. I cannot afford to see Jesse and Celine breaking up :)
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Before Midnight will be shown in the Philippines on July 10


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