Cooking and Living Healthy by Ms. Margarita Fores of Cibo and Cibo di M Signature Caterer

I've been lucky to be invited to Cooking and Living Healthy by Ms. Margarita Fores of Cibo and Cibo di M Signature Caterer held last Saturday, April 2, 7PM at the Eastwood Mall Atrium

Ms Gaita taught us different techniques in cooking specially in how we cook Basic Italian Dishes. Hope I can publish the handout that they gave which contains healthy recipes and strategies on how to promote wellness, As she said, Ingredients are key. Choose the best ingredients, and try to invest in organic produce. You can actually read more about Pomodoro here.

That night, She made dishes that is easy to prepare. Mostly rich 'sauces' for pastas and pointers to consider when cooking pasta in Italian way!

Here are some of the photos I've took during the workshop.


-Ernst and Young Philippines 2007 Women Entrepreneur of the year
-23 years in food service business
-Established varuiys dining avenues of Italian and Filipino Inspiration: Cibo and Cafe Bola to Formal Pepato and Lusso, and Signature caterer, Cibo di M
-Cibo receives numerous awards including Best Chain Restaurant of the Gold Spot AWards 2009, Cibo Dieci, 20 November 2009
-Cafe Bola is a venue to enjoy Filipino Comfort Food; Pepato is still the place to savour the signature dishes of Cibo, voted as one of the Asia's finest restaurants by the Miele Guide 2008-2009; 2010-2011

-Financial Times (December 2009) House and Home Section for her artistry, lifestyle and business
-Lifetime Achievement Award from Manila's Best Kept Restaurant Secrets (November 2010)
-Awardee for Entrepreneurship of Town & Country's Wonder Women

Ms Fores keeps on exploring new ideas armed with her genuine interest and love for her craft, determination and the support for people whohave been with her through the years

(source: Green Summer Passion, Megaworld Lifestyle Center)

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Signing my handout :) Thanks Ms Gaita


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