Stressful Week, New Beginnings, Invitation

This week was most stressful, but I know that I can able to manage it. I really don't know why these people keep on stalking my Facebook and sent it through emails to different people and throw accusations which is I believe is completely FALSE.

To you, who has a favorite past time to lurk and search, collate and accuse, again - leave me alone.

Whoever you are, please - stop creating noises! and mind your own business!

I know it always happen specially if you're in a position (ahem). People will keep dragging you down and have fun of you. Criticize the your attitude and of course, do something that will harm your community.

I guess I have to filter again and remove certain people so that they are not aware of what am doing lately.

Or if you would like to get invited, why don't you sent me a message and I'll reply back to when, where, and what activities am attending and who are the people am meeting.

Anyways, I am hoping that this will ends. Unfortunately, that was a sad ending. And some people have to go without reasons.

Dear stalker, i have no longer connected with these people. So, stop lurking my account!

stressful glamourmoments

btw, as I went home today. I received an invitation for Philippine Fashion week this May 2011. GRRRRR, I have to check on my closet or buy a new fashionably chic attire :) hahaha. So, there'll be changes on my May 2011 activities. Oh well, that's life.


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