What Is A BLOG?

Azrael and his own definition of BLOGGING

I'm currently busy with the remaining three working days this week and I hope I can blog everything that happened at the Bloggers Fest last Saturday held at the Event Center of Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal.

These are just basic questions, What is really a Blog anyways? What are you blogging for? Do you really need a blog? What are the concepts of your blog? Who are your readers? Where do you get your sources? Are there any classification of a blog?

Before you decide on starting a blog, make sure you are aware of these two words: commitment and patience

Once you commit yourself to blogging, there is no way out. And once you've started blogging, you have to be patience with everything. On how you're blog will survive, how much traffic do you need, where do you get your subjects?

As a starter,there are new things to discover. There is always room for improvement. So you better begin with experimenting and later on focus on which things you would love to do.

This is not yet my official post for BloggersFest, yet, this is just my two cents when it comes to blogging.


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