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Buying a home is definitely a costly thing to decide. Where it includes the materials, man power, time, etc. With such consideration, a two distinct characteristics of a home buyer is being distinguished:the one who prefer to build a new house while the other which prefer buying an existing and plans to make some renovation on it. Becoming this as one of the dilemma that a home buyer is facing. Whatever of the two, one must ponder some considerations for them to prevent regrets after building or renovating a new home. When buying high quality foam and furniture where Mandaue Foam started in 1971 by Mrs Rosita T. Uy in Cebu.

Your Home, Your Imagination

Here are the top (3) three great finds I want for my home.



I love that this piece is perfect for a dark corner, or a bedside light for a cozy look and feel. and it's only P5000! a very elegant item for a cost that doesn't hurt the pocket much.




As much as i like antique items, i don't like how they are priced. this one, meanwhile, has the antique look and feel but is priced just like any brand new furniture for only P12000. it is also perfect for a compacted space if ever i decide to go minimalist when i finally get the time to overhaul my place. not to mention i do not have to worry about it being haunted. sorry, i just watched the movie Segunda Mano which gave me the creeps.


We deal with so much stress everyday whether we like it or not, so come weekends when it's time to relax, sometimes i'd rather just stay in bed and sleep all day. but the problem is that some beds aren't relaxing as it is supposed to be, so a mattress that provides relief and comfort will truly make a weekend something to look forward to.

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