[DIY] Cute Art Attack Pen Mug

So this is where we started. Two cardboards, a pair of scissors, glue, decors and a lot of patience!

I am not an 'art-a-holic' person but I enjoyed creating this simple artwork.  At Scrap 'n Tell Bloggers Workshop, I've learned that you can use these simple materials into a very unique, colorful and useful pen mug.

I'm not really good in following instructions. My first attempt was a failure, and I decided to create a new one. While listening on the next project (Scrapbooking Themed-Circus!!!), I kept myself focused on working on my own pen mug. My fingers almost got burned while using glue gun (how clumsy right?)...the handle of the mug wasn't glued properly...thinking of what is happening to me? and why I couldn't make this thing right? *cries.....

Trying hard to finish it. The handle continues to fall down :)

My blogger friends' mugs...Cute isn't it?

Anyways, Don't forget to v isit https://www.facebook.com/allaboutscrapbooking

Learn more about Scrapbooking, art works and a lot more. Visit the page for schedule, programs and special announcements.

Also, a big thank you to Orange Magazine TV/Jeman for the invite.


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