Why scrapbooking?

I know that many of you would want to preserve and express your feelings through online by sharing your photos, quotes, and messages. But the question is, how you are going to handed it down through generations? I am not really into Scrapbooking but i am trying hard to preseve all experiences I had during the past years: places I've travelled, foods I ate, special places I've been to and also to cherish the memories with my beloved ones.

As we need to build relationship, and enjoy this very creative social artwork - Scrapbooking also get to know us and feel close to those we remembered.

Right timing: finding an extra time for you to scrapbooking is possible!

First, make a list of ideas or themes for the next week. Include when you're going to start with a project and approximate
time to finish it.

Collect your photos and start with matching it with different patterns. Write something about your photos! either you write a poem, collect some quotes and hand lettering some catchy phrases you've read or heard from books and television programs.

Work with your layout, make sure that you have provided a space for your quotes, journal and where you will include your photos.

Preserve your memories. Let your friends or any members of the family to write something on your scrapbook, a simple
dedication or testimonial captures the most interesting purpose of scrapbooking.


Love to attend scrapbooking sessions with your family and friends? Visit All About Scrapbooking - https://www.facebook.com/allaboutscrapbooking and check out the schedule, programs and special announcements.

Also, a big thank you to Orange Magazine TV/Jeman for the invite. I'll be posting my finish scrapbook soon.

I still need to attend my work duties :) Sigh... I will find time....that's a promise!!!!



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