Creating a personal fashion style

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Thinking of how you can be a true fashion forward trend setter? First, you must glam up your outfit and choose the right kinds of accessories and clothes not just impulsively wearing it because you saw it on television or in a magazine. I must admit, most of us were also look after of what our celebrities wore in an event but its okay if this is a just a base information, I would rather believe that the final look should be all your own :)

Avoid wearing too many pieces of jewerly at the same time. Yes, you can see divas simply putting everything to make a statement but as a general rule of thumb, it should make a memorable piece :) Like wearing a loud outfit making a good sense of style is putting very simple accents as not to fight with the color of the fabric.

Also it is important to dress appropriately for each occasion, never wear something awkward unless you're attending an informal event like going to the malls, or just hanging out at the park. The same thing should be followed when you're accessorizing, I like gold or silve hoops or stud earrings which I usually wear for everyday. A classic strand of pearls is always a timeless fashion piece. And diamonds are an excellent choice for a romantic night out with a special someone. Well-chosen jewelry is as important to your overall look as your outfit itself.

Don't be afraid to be experimental and think out of the box when it comes to fashion. Be creative and express yourself with fashion. Have fun with your choices.

Photo credits: SM Southmall Runway Picks 2012


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