An Office Visit to Project T Solutions

If you ever had a home-based IT job, you must have experienced some technical difficulties that rendered you unable to work your tasks.

Maybe you've experienced a power outage at one point in time, or maybe the internet connection slowed down or even busted, or worse, your medium in getting the job done crashed.

Working at home meant you won't be able to interact with people, which can get boring sometimes, having no one to talk to. Working at home sometimes mean you have to endure summer's sweltering heat, but sure you'd be lucky if it's raining because you won't have to leave the comfort and safety of your own home. But the again we'd go back to the discussion of technical difficulties the rainy day might bring.

Here to save you from that dilemma is Project T Solutions, a workplace away from your workplace. To describe them simply, they are like a hotel for your office. They can provide you what you need just so you can get your work done. They provide conference rooms, office spaces, cubicles, internet connection, desktop computers, fixtures, furniture, equipment and accessories to suit your every need.

A visit to Project T Solutions got me to meet Alvin, Nicole and Stewart.

We just met but they felt like old friends who I have not seen in a while. They explained what Project T Solutions is about and its services while giving a tour of the whole 23rd floor of Bonifacio Stopover Commercial Center where their company is located. We tried doing a video tour but we always end up hysterical because of our funny banters and unintended comedic quips. While we got the videos done, almost every end of each video, you might hear us saying something that would make the others end up laughing so the videos (should they end up being uploaded) may or may not end up trimmed.

The floor was so lively and quirky, having a game room, highschool cafeteria-themed dining area, a coffee shop-inspired coffee nook and sleeping quarters with bunk beds. Walking down the halls felt like going around a gallery or a museum with all the paintings hanging on the walls.

The rooms, though, can differ. Depending on the position of the room in the building, some can get you the spectacular views of the tall neighboring buildings in BGC, residential Makati City, or its road headed to its CBD. I even joked about a corner seat with glass windows that whover gets to be seated in that location may create a blog that would be like a traffic watch but only for that one road right underneath with updates every half hour or so.

Project T Solutions offers you the space, equipment and internet connection you might need at the moment. However, should you want a serviced office for your work, you may rent on a monthly basis. If you have a team of employees that you need to place in an office, Project T Solutions is here for you, along with its amenities and friendly folks in the office.

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